Once the possibilities of reaching a settlement are exhausted, our office plans a procedural strategy and then represents the client before any state jurisdiction, directly in Spain or coordinating legal actions that have to be commenced or which have to be faced, abroad, in this case through correspondents that we have in most countries.

Another activity we perform is the execution in Spain of judgments and arbitral awards pronounced abroad. Sometimes it’s also about executing Spanish resolutions abroad, what we do in a coordinated way through our correspondents in the country in question.

The professionals in our firm represent clients either as plaintiffs or defendants in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations followed before Spanish and foreign arbitration courts (CEA, TAB, ICAM, LCIA, CCI, etc.). They appeal also against arbitral awards.

Our professional ethics requires us to advise the client as to whether to initiate or not a proceeding. We understand that in many cases, a bad deal is better than a good process, given the slowness with which the Spanish courts act unfortunately. We also consider essential to advise the client regarding the chances of success of a process, with the logic insecurity of relying on a third: it’s of no use having a positive judgment or award if it can’t be executed.