PROFESSIONAL ETHICS. We firmly believe that the Law must be applied from an ethical position and in that sense we are rigorous in applying the ethical standards governing our profession and those other principles which, even if not coded, have to govern the development of professional activities.

REALISM AND SERVICE. The client needs to be able to asess the risks he faces. Therefore it is not enough to apply the legal techniques and wait for an outcome. This means we have to inform the customer of the position in which he finds himself, the choices he faces and the expectations in each one and of course, after the decision is taken, strive to place him in the best possible situation.

PREVENTION. The future is certainly the preventive practice of law. Our philosophy consists not just in reacting to events that occur. What we strive to do is to prevent risks, so that, once a problem occurs, it can be faced from a better legal position. In this regard we have implemented a new department of compliance that enables a minimization of risks which threaten the companies in general and its managers in particular.

PERSONALISATION. Our experience shows us that in practice no two cases are alike and that we cannot work on a basis of standard responses. We are convinced that the Law is more than a mere technique and that experience is a very important value. Therefore we develop our work on the principle of quality over quantity, so that the customer can at all times maintain a personal contact with the partner which is directly involved in the matter at issue and not just at the beginning of the relationship or within a mere commercial relationship like in many Big Firms. The dynamism of the professionals in our firm is well complemented by the many years of experience which the partners possess.

PASSION. The exercise of Law cannot be understood only as a mere livelihood or a mechanical work. The lawyer has to develop his work with commitment, enthusiasm and passion. Only in that way optimal results can be obtained. Therefore we imbue the professionals in our firm with those values and encourage them to strive for excellence and success for the client.