We participate in complex M & A operations, like mergers, MBO (Management Buy-Out), MBI (Management Buy In) and BIMBO (Management Buy In Management Buy-Out), conducting, when the volume of the operation allow it, legal and labor due diligence and coordinating, in cases where the operation requires it, the execution of due diligence by third parties. When we act representing sellers we accompany the completion of the due diligence done by buyers. We also have experience in negotiating and coordinating M & A operations by Spanish companies abroad.

Such transactions do not involve only the signing of the purchase agreement, but are preceded or followed by other contracts as are the letter of intent (LOI) or memorandum of understanding (MOU), confidentiality covenants, agreements between partners, labor or commercial contracts which bind the sellers or managers of the company, etc. and other agreements that the specific operation may require.

Our goal is always to accompany the client be it as seller or buyer, in a strategic way, to understand their expectations and obstacles that he may face, to allow him to consider from the outset his strengths and weaknesses and provide him with the relevant data to face the process and make it as simple as possible. Our aim is that the legal part of an M & A operation of course always protects the client’s position but without being an obstacle for the development of the business.