We advise our clients on all labor aspects from the companies’ point of view. Among them are the following:

  • Drafting of employment contracts. Adaptation of foreign contracts to the Spanish law or writing the same coordinating the contract with the guidelines of the parent company.
  • Senior management contracts and the problems associated with them and their compatibility with the performance of a mercantile relationship.
  • Collective bargaining and company agreements.
  • Employment Regulation Procedure (ERE) and objective dismissal.
  • Temporary Employment Regulation procedures (ERTE)
  • Occupation risk prevention.
  • Negotiations with representatives of employees.
  • Disciplinary dismissals and disciplinary proceedings.

One of our advantages in this area is the strategic approach. Before initiating any action, our mission is that the client knows the implications thereof and their direct or indirect consequences. Especially in cases of corporate restructuring it is necessary to evaluate many factors, not only labor, in order to raise a good legal defense against possible actions that can be derived from them.