We see bankruptcy proceedings as the last, but not the only, possibility of facing insolvency. We negotiate refinancing or liquidation and out-of-court settlements. We advise our clients as to the preparation of a pre-insolvency strategy. We submit communications under art. 5 bis of the Insolvency Law and we negotiate with creditors. Finally we present applications for insolvency declarations and we continue the proceedings through all stages of the procedure until its completion. We also represent creditors in insolvency proceedings in order to maximize the recovery of their debts.

One of the activities we conduct within the framework of cooperation with foreign insolvency Administrators is to support them in connection with insolvencies of foreign natural or legal persons regarding Spanish companies in which they participate or the goods which they are owners of in Spain, in order to locate them and, where possible, liquidate or sell them. In other cases we locate the debtor, evaluate his assets and debtor, present de claim.