Our firm advises on an ad-hoc or on a continued basis clients in all matters related to the life of societies, from choosing the most appropriate legal form for its incorporation, through all stages of its life until liquidation. We also act in the incorporation of other legal entities such as partnerships and temporary joint ventures. We offer efficient solutions for those companies or foreign natural persons wishing to establish a company in Spain, so that they can develop their activities quickly and easily. The law 31/2014, of December 3rd to reform the Corporations Act has imposed new obligations, for the fulfillment of which we offer practical solutions, in order to avoid risks to the companies and their managers.

The day-to-day of the companies raises countless issues to be resolved quickly and correctly, considering the consequences that any decision entails. The many years of experience allow us to respond to these immediately, without stiffness or unnecessary delay, acting in practical ways to not hinder the development of its activity by the company and providing an appropriate framework for its legal safety.

In this sense we understand that it is especially important to give preventive advice, because it’s much easier to adapt to the law than to remedy a breach.