If in the past we were adapting compliance procedures of foreign companies to the Spanish legislation to implement them in their Spanish subsidiaries, the strengthening of the obligations and controls in our country, which has been occurring in recent years, makes it necessary to introduce Spanish companies to the concept of compliance. Contrary to widespread belief, it is not something intended only for listed companies, but is applicable to all companies, regardless of size.

Our services focus on the areas of criminal compliance, money laundering, corporate governance, contractual compliance, data protection and prevention of occupational risks and refer, depending on the case, to the implementation or revision of SIPD or adaptation to the Spanish legislation of systems of the parent company, together with supporting the implementation of the compliance codes or giving advice of the compliance officer of a company, where such a position exists.

The compliance codes should not be viewed as an obstacle, because when properly understood and implemented (which we understand is one of our functions, in order not to develop nice sounding but useless codes which only create administrative burdens), they improve the effectiveness of the company and avoid future litigation or, in case of conflict or damage, minimize possible negative consequences thereof.