Companies need to have a clear framework for its relations. The wording of a contract is the best preventive measure for a company in order to avoid future conflicts, both national or, especially, international.

We write commercial contracts and, if necessary, participate in their negotiation, advising the client also for the most convenient clauses with a view to resolving potential conflicts that may arise in the future.

The general conditions of a company may provide important support in order to lay the foundations under which the activity must be executed and establish the ways in which disputes have to be resolved.

Given the variety of our customers, whose trust we pride ourselves on keeping for many years, we have experience in all types of contracts, such as, international sales, construction, transportation contracts, logistics, agency and distribution, Real Estate, etc.

The sectors in which we have a high knowledge range from the world of automotive industry to the ones of safety, transportation, logistics, pharmacy, inspection and control, aeronautical, construction, real estate and many more.